Stainless Steel Safety Guard Suitable for Ather 450X or 450 Plus

India’s First Nickel and Chrome Plated Rust Proof Stainless Steel Scooter Safety Guard Suitable for Ather 450X or 450 Plus Bike. Protect your Ather bike with heavy-duty stainless steel. It will protect your scooter from accidents, scratches, and damage.


  1. Rust Proof: Nickel and Chrome Plating with Superior Mirror Finish, Protect Against Rust for a Long Time
  2. Pillion rider footrest and Ather 450X or 450 Plus ladies footrest: Kids to Adults Can Easily Keep Their Foot on the Footrest.
  3. Tough:  Lift the Whole Ather Bike in the Air Using the Accessory. Made of 18 gauge/1.15 MM Thick Stainless Steel Pipe for Better Safety for Two Wheelers
  4. Durable: Withstand Any Accident and Safeguard the Scooter Body
  5. Easy fitting: Any Ordinary Person Can Fit the Accessories
  6. No drilling: Use Ather Official Company Bolt for Fitting
  7. No warranty breach: It Does Not Breach Any Official Ather Warranty

Package contents

  1. 1 Rear Guard with Footrest
  2. 2 Front bodyguards
  3. 1 Mudguard
  4. Nut Bolts for Fitting

Ather trademark is the property of “Ather Energy Private Limited” and is used only to promote 3rd party accessories manufactured for Ather. Should any trademark attribution be missing, mistaken, or erroneous, please contact us immediately for rectification.

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