How to Get a business credit card for a Startup or Organization?  

Get Your First Business Credit Cards For Your New Businesses Startups in 2022

Are you a new Startup business, and you’re ready for some business credit cards?  

Are you fed up with trying to use your credit cards and your savings?  

To fund your business? Well, it is time for you to get those business credit cards. Here I’m going to show you. I’m going to tell you exactly how to get approved for business credit cards even if you’re a startup so that you don’t waste any time is applying with the wrong companies. Exactly how to do it, so you don’t get denied, and you only get approved.

Let’s go. I’m going to share my most prominent insider secrets on which companies are lending to  Startups and what to say so that you get approved. So, when it comes to getting funding, there are two types of credit reports we already know. You have personal  

The credit will look at what you’re personal credit score is.

There are three bureaus


The thing with personal credit is they’re going to be looking at What is your debt ratio is? They’ll take all of your trade lines.

For example, if you have an auto loan or mortgage or personal credit cards or even student loans. Those will all be on your credit report. And they will give you FICO scores on what those scores represent.  

In the personal credit world, it’s essential to make sure that you don’t utilize a lot of your credit in the private credit world. They want you to have credit but don’t reward yourself for using too much of it.  

For example, credit cards and the limit on the credit card is 10,000, And you used $8,000 of that credit line. That is going to lower your credit score because Of debt utilization. But, in the business credit card world, things are much different.

In business credit, there are three bureaus as well. 

No Transunion. There’s Dun and Bradstreet,  Equifax business and Experian business. But the beauty of business credit is different  From personal credit. Instead of looking at what your debt ratio is, and how well you’ve used your credit cards about the limit, they instead look at how well you manage your debt.  

Because you scored against all other businesses, you even scored against big  Businesses like Apple, Microsoft, and GE.

So, if you have a credit card on your business credit report, for example, and the limit is 10,000, and you’ve used 10,000 of it, they don’t necessarily lower your credit score the way they would on the personal credit side.

Additionally, all of the credit cards you get in our business’s name are on your business’s credit report. Not report on your credit score That’s going to be awesome because of companies. use credit much differently than consumers use honour, and you are rewarded in the business credit world for how well you pay your debts, not necessarily your debt to income ratio.  

So, now that you understand business credit And again, I made an entire video about it.  Make sure you chat below and ask me any questions about business credit.  

I read all of the comments, and I want to ensure that I’m helping you with this. Even as a startup, you can get business credit cards, and I want to make sure that I’m helping you along the way.  

So, there are many benefits of starting a business. If you are a startup, you want  to go ahead and make sure you start the business. Go ahead and start the business because There are so many benefits of having your own real business. You’ll be able to create your hours, and you’ll be able to work from anywhere in many cases depending on what type of business you start, and you will get to be your boss.

I know that I used to be a working person. I used  To work for many, many years. I’m a real estate entrepreneur, a mentor, and a mom of five. But  I used to be a mom of 3 and had to work and go pick my kids up from daycare and work overtime and do all of these things that I hated to do to pay my bills. But as a real estate entrepreneur,
I can create my schedule, make my hours, and create how much money I make. I  make way more than I ever did working for anyone else because I give my business all Of me. And you can do the same thing with your business.

You start the company set it up, and You work only in your business. you give the company

all of your time
all of your energy
all of the effort

instead of giving it to someone else’s business. It’s a fantastic thing.  

Even if you are a startup, you need to set up your business. You need to go ahead and name. So, let’s talk about how you will set up your business quickly because this is very important.  

Your business. You want to make sure you register your business with the Secretary Of State. Yes, go ahead and get an LLC, an S corp, or a C corp. It would be best if you did this.  

Because that will make your business legitimate, and people will be able to find your business  And see that you’ve invested in your industry. Again, even if you’re a startup, spend a couple.  

Hundred dollars that it takes. To go ahead and register that business with the Secretary Of State. You can do this quickly. I  have students that can set up their  Entire business in just one day.

It all depends on what state you live in, and Many states allow you to  Do the whole process online. The next thing you want to do is get a professional phone number,  a professional email, and a professional website.

Once you’ve done these things,  you will have a legitimate business, and you can start to get funding for your business quickly.  

Next, you want also to make sure you get an EIN for your business. Once you have the company registered with the state and the EIN, which you can get for free from,  you can take those documents straight to your bank and get a business checking account.  

Getting a business checking account will unlock so much money for your business.  Especially if you make regular deposits into your business checking account.  

Many people don’t know this, but if you have a business checking account and you can show that  you’ve been able to generate income in your business, many companies will lend based on  the deposits in only three months worth of bank statements. So, go ahead get that business.  

Checking account and do it soon. Another thing and so many people do not know this. Now, there is historically more money for businesses than ever before. In many cases, you will go, and you will set  up your business checking account, and you will get offers for business credit cards  And business lines of credit right on the spot.

One of my students got over $80,000 in business credit cards and a business line of credit when they opened up their business checking account.

Again, there’s more money out there than ever before, especially for women-owned Businesses,  minority-owned businesses and even veteran-owned businesses. And if you have good personal credit,  this will speed up the process, and they will help fund your business even as a startup.  

Next, if you are looking for business credit cards for your business, make sure you set up a PayPal business account and a Square business account. Those companies lend to startups, and They have lots of money to lend. They have new loans. PayPal makes billions of dollars per year. And what they are doing is giving back to small businesses every day.  

Out there for working capital and loans for your business. You need to set up your business account, have a real business and show some transactions. After three months, I’m literally.  

You see students get offers for at least $10,000 in their business’s name. Once you start doing this,  you’re really on your way.

Last but not least, I’m going to give you a bonus tip.  

New and hot off the presses. I’m going to put a link below for a company called 5-star  Processing. You only need a credit a score of 300, and you need a business, as I  told you, already set up with the business name, EIN and things like that. And they will set up.  

A merchant processing account for you, and they are lending to startups. I put a link below. Go ahead and check them out. It’s free for you to check them out, and they can get you  Set up and get your business funding right away. So now you know exactly how to get a business credit card for your startup. Go ahead and check out my link below. I have a free blueprint.  

For fast track business credit, There’s a link below. It will show you exactly how to do it.  

Step by step already outlined for you, to your success.

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