Can you die from alcohol detox ?

Some people are apprehensive to quit drinking due to withdrawal symptoms, but alcohol detox is the first step in treating alcoholism.

Before understanding the detox effects of alcohol we need to understand what happens when you are dependent upon alcohol and what happens when your body is used to and why it is necessary to Detox, And its after-effects in your body.

What is Alcoholism

Any person with alcoholism continues to drink even when it causes negative consequences on their brain-body and entire life cycle, losing a loved one losing a job and more imp to that is losing their consciousness. They may know that alcohol abuse negatively affects their lives but continuously depending on it and being addicted for a long time. their body starts depending on to that severely, but it’s not enough to make them stop drinking because it also affects your conscious brain cells which weaken your thinking ability. “too much of anything is bad for your life”

Alcohol changes your mind and increases pleasurable feelings you get when you drink alcohol, for some times it pleases your mind more which makes you want to drink more often, even if it causes harm.

Many people always believe that a glass of drink after the office is a good way to end the day but it also has its side effects in many ways, there is a thin line between a glass of occasionally and getting to use of alcohol regularly, and most of the times people cross it without knowing, that’s a reason its better never to have a habit of it in your life span, some percentage of alcohol is good for your body as in a wine, a glass of wine and apple a day can bring wonders for your health.

Calculating on terms of 30 ml, having more than 12 drinks for a male in a week can say lead addition of it, and more than 9 drinks for a female can lead to addiction and high-risk consequences are to be suffered. It needs a separate blog to understand that properly which will get into later.

Detox process

The alcohol withdrawal process is required when your body is dependent on alcohol and you either stop drinking or greatly reduce your alcohol intake as its suggested.

The alcohol withdrawal process can act as a mild for some people while it can act as severe and even life-threatening for others, depending on their state of mind, body, and the dependence of the amount of alcohol they have consumed regularly.

Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system which means when your intake it, it slows down your brain. With continued exposure, the body adapts to alcohol’s depressant effect. When you reduce or stop drinking alcohol, the CNS becomes overexcited then of the regular human CNS. This can lead to the symptoms of withdrawal.

There are symptoms divided into the categories, people who have a mild dependency on it and the others which are more dependent onto that:

First level dependency symptoms :

The very initial symptoms are: insomnia, vomiting regularly, restlessness maximum of the times, anxiety on a higher level, headache, and sweating

Much higher level dependency symptoms :

The people who are heavily dependent on alcohol. We can say they need once at least in 24 hours can have symptoms such as
Disoriented feelings, hallucinations of life, much increase in the heart & breathing rate, increases blood pressure, fever, sweating, loss of consciousness, and many more which also affects differently on different people. It does not kill a person but a person with a weak mind (which is also an effect of continues intake of alcohol) would not able to take this kind of changes in the body and their body demands them more alcohol which leads them looping the process and not getting over it. That’s one reason it is said to be a hard process.

Detox of alcohol

When a person moves into the process of withdrawal of alcohol in some cases, Alcohol withdrawal can also cause heart arrhythmias and kidney or liver dysfunction, which can also be fatal to your health in many ways because, when you are onto alcohol your leaver plays an important role to push the alcohol outside the body, our brain takes alcohol as a toxic material so as soon it enters in us our lever accelerates the process and pushes it out of our body in a rapid rate, which is a long run makes it weak.

Because alcohol withdrawals can be painful and potentially dangerous, people must get help from experienced medical professionals. For alcohol abuse disorder treatment, medical detox centers, and inpatient rehab facilities are especially helpful. Because dangerous seizure disorders are a risk factor for alcohol withdrawal, medical professionals in a detox and rehab center can safely monitor patients for these complications.

It is never said to be a smooth process, one has to go from your worse and which can lead to a life-threatening consequence for many people

Following are the savior symptoms of alcohol detox process:

Tremors, Agitations, Excessive sleep, Fearfulness, Hallucinations, Strange bursts of energy, Stupor, Irregular heartbeat. To be blunt and sharp in the answer, Tragically, yes it can also kill a person. For at-risk persons, delirium tremens is a risk-factor during the alcohol withdrawal timeline. If you or someone you know is misusing alcohol, you must contact a doctor without fail before stopping use. They can nicely assess your condition and advise you on whether you should complete your withdrawal and what are the Do and Don’ts in the process. Your doctor can also discuss the symptoms you may experience and the medications they may prescribe to ease them.

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